Effective oral treatment for venous disease

Venixxa™ Medication

Venixxahelps relieve and reduce signs and symptoms associated with chronic venous disease. It is a new oral treatment option that helps to relieve signs and symptoms of mild-to-moderate chronic venous disease, such as varicose and spider veins, pain in the legs, sensation of heaviness, sensation of swelling, and functional discomfort. It also helps to reduce lower-leg edema associated with mild-to-moderate chronic venous disease. 

Venixxa is a micronized purified flavonoid fraction (MPFF). It is composed of citrus bioflavonoids, containing 90% diosmin and 10% other flavonoids expressed as hesperidin.

Is Venixxa Right For You?

When considering solutions for chronic venous disease, Venixxa emerges as a highly effective choice. If you’re looking for a non-invasive, effective solution to enhance both the health and appearance of your legs, consult with our experienced team to determine if Venixxa is the right choice for you. Your journey to healthier, more beautiful legs begins here. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Venixxa

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Does Venixxa have any side effects?

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I have varicose veins. Will Venixxa work for me?

I wear compression socks (stockings with elastic support). Can I take Venixxa?


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