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Lakeshore Vein & Aesthetics Clinic in Kelowna, BC, Canada

It all started in the Okanagan: one of BC’s premier vein treatment & medical skin care clinics.

Our story starts here in the beautiful Okanagan, where Dr. Janna Bentley was born and raised… prior to the doctor title. Does the location matter? Yes, very much so. This special connection with community, family, and friends directly connects to her roots in the Okanagan Valley and led to the creation of Kelowna’s premier Vein and Aesthetics Clinic.

Dr. Janna Bentley explains: “We dreamed of building a beautiful clinic in Kelowna… here where I was born and grew up swimming in Lake Okanagan.” Dr. Bentley continues: “My husband and I spent a few years away together for university, but we returned with a clear vision of opening a premier cosmetic and medical skin care centre. And we did it. To this day, our Okanagan community defines our medical and business decisions: we continue to raise the bar for customer service and treatment excellence because we serve our family and friends… we look ahead 10 to 20 years with even deeper roots in our Kelowna community… that and many more satisfied patients at Kelowna’s premier Vein and Aesthetics Clinic!”

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