Varicose veins

Navigating the Path to Healthier Veins

When we talk about skin health and aesthetics, the conversation often revolves around wrinkles, tone, or texture. Yet, an equally significant concern lies beneath the surface: our veins. Varicose and spider veins, commonly appearing on the legs, not only impact aesthetics but can also point to underlying circulatory issues. Dive into an informed understanding of these venous concerns and discover how the world of medical aesthetics offers effective varicose vein treatment

Our patients typically feel…

Problems: Varicose veins often present as more than just a cosmetic issue, causing discomfort, aching, or even pain. They can lead to swelling and indicate underlying circulatory problems, causing worry about overall health implications and aesthetic concerns.

Desires: A desire for smoother, clear skin free from the noticeable veins, combined with a need for alleviating any associated discomfort or pain. The ideal solution would also address potential underlying health issues, ensuring long-term vein health and well-being.

Objections: Concerns about the invasiveness, safety, and efficacy of treatments. Previous unsuccessful attempts or stories from peers might lead to skepticism. Worries about recovery time, potential side effects, and costs may also arise. Some may have the belief that varicose veins are just a natural part of aging and question the need for intervention.

Understanding Varicose and Spider Veins

Delving Into Causes

The Importance of Vein Assessment

Maintaining Vein Health

The Details: Spider & Varicose Veins: “WHY ME?”

Your Journey to Healthier Veins

Understanding varicose veins, spider veins is the first step in addressing and alleviating them. Beyond the aesthetic concerns, it’s about enhancing overall skin and circulatory health, allowing you to step forward with confidence and comfort. Ready to navigate the path to healthier veins? Book a consultation to embark on a journey tailored to your unique venous needs.

Can I get rid of my varicose veins with natural home remedies or lifestyle changes?

Q & A with Dr. Bentley

Dr. Janna Bentley: “There is no research to support any claims for any home remedies, herbal/natural remedy OR DIY therapy that they can reduce or “erase” varicose veins, and this is supported by my years of experience in treating all types of varicose veins. Lifestyle changes can’t prevent varicose veins (since it is largely genetics) but certainly can improve symptoms: healthy eating, good sleeping habits, stop smoking, regular exercise etc.”  

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