Where can I learn more about EVLT’s effectiveness?

Studies have shown that EVLT is much preferred over surgical stripping for numerous reasons (see research details in link immediately below). Some studies also show an increased effectiveness for endovenous laser treatment (EVLT being 98% effective vs surgical vein stripping is only 85%). 

* MUST READ: in-depth Canadian research concludes Endovascular Laser Therapy (EVLT / ELT) is the best: 

  • Comprehensive 2010 Ontario Ministry of Health study: highly favouring Endovascular Laser Therapy (EVLT = ELT = Elves = Endovenous Laser Ablation/EVLA) 

This is a large 92 page study/PDF, but the key summary of the evidence-based analysis are pages 11 to 13 (just a few minutes of reading): 

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The reviews speak for themselves