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VenaSeal Kelowna effective varicose vein treatment

Lakeshore Vein & Aesthetics Clinic was the first medical practice in the Thompson/Okanagan/Kootenays area to offer the new VenaSeal Sapheon Closure System for the treatment of varicose veins. Dr. Janna Bentley and Lakeshore Vein & Aesthetics Clinic are accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC to perform this procedure, which certifies that our surgical suite meets the highest Canadian medical standards.
VenaSeal uses a patient-friendly, safe-for-the-body medical glue to effectively close the diseased saphenous vein segment in the legs. The procedure is performed in our Accredited medical facility (also a comfortable spa-like setting) with no down time, and rapid relief of symptoms.

VenaSeal Overview Video (55 seconds) by Dr. Janna Bentley

Watch this informative (~10 minute) video below by Dr. Janna Bentley, MD and Phlebologist, that explains much more about the VenaSeal Closure System for serious varicose vein treatment and answers the top most common questions.


  • No tumescent anesthesia required
  • Immediately return to normal activities
  • No pre-/post-procedure sedative required
  • No risk of skin burns
  • Reduced need for Compression Stockings*
  • No serious adverse reaction (e.g. DVTs) in over 2,500 cases to date (March 2014)

*Compared to other treatments, like EVLT. For optimum results, and with sclerotherapy for smaller veins, most patients will benefit from at least some compression stocking use.

Covid Vaccination & vein treatment: please allow one (1) week prior to covid vaccination 
and/or one (1) week after for all vein treatments, as per the Health Guidelines. 

How VenaSeal Works: Video and Description

Step by step explanation in pictures:
VenaSeal Procedure Diagram for vein treatment Kelowna

A. Ultrasound used throughout the treatment to guide the process. Catheter is inserted into the vein through a small access site in the leg.
B. Medical glue is carefully injected into the vein. The medical adhesive has been used safely for years in other areas of medicine.
C. The catheter is withdrawn, leaving a bead of glue. With mild compression on the exterior leg during the treatment, the glue adheres to the vein walls.
D. The diseased vein is continually glued shut. Over a period of time, the body will naturally clean up the old vein and assimilate it.

What to Expect Before the Procedure

  • No topical numbing cream
  • No pre-procedure sedatives or drugs
  • No pre-procedure wrapping of leg

During the Procedure

  • No multiple needle sticks of anesthesia injected along the vein segment
  • Catheter is inserted into the vein through a small access site in the leg
  • Mild compression on the exterior leg during the treatment
  • Ultrasound with gel used throughout the treatment
  • Total procedure time is approximately 30 minutes

After the Procedure

  • A Band-Aid is placed at the access site
  • Usually no post-procedure pain medication needed
  • Post-procedure compression stockings not absolutely needed*
  • Patient is free to leave the practice and return to normal activities immediately

*Many patients benefit from additional sclerotherapy and compression stockings – this is a typical treatment combination.

Summary from Resident Expert Vein Doctors

The VenaSeal Venous Closure System offers a patient-friendly solution for the treatment of varicose veins without tumescent anesthesia or post-procedure pain and bruising.

Dr. Janna Bentley: “This is a breakthrough technology that does not require the multiple needle sticks of anesthesia that other procedures do. Patients are not always required to wear post-procedure compression stockings and can immediately resume their normal activities."

“This represents a significant advancement in medical technology,” continues Doctor Bentley, “and my patients are thrilled to have an effective alternative for treating their varicose veins.”

Lakeshore Vein & Aesthetics Clinic is pleased to be at the forefront of this clinical advancement in severe varicose vein treatment.

More patient information on Venaseal:

Article from Endovascular Today Magazine: Strong Support of VenaSeal

Short article published July 2016 in Endo by two Vascular Surgeons/Specialists, Dr. Watson & Dr. Carr:



Clinical Description = Patient 'plain English' Description

  • Medical adhesive (Cyanoacrylate) = Safe-for-the-body medical glue
  • No tumescent anaesthesia = No multiple needle sticks along the diseased vein nor injections of anesthetic
  • Non-thermal procedure = No laser or heat or energy
  • Disruptive technology = Closes the diseased vein
  • Fibrosis = Scarring, sometimes excessive 
  • Puncture site = Access site
  • Chronic Venous Insufficiency = Varicose veins
  • Echogenic Catheter = Can be seen under ultrasound
  • Viscosity = Thickness
  • Phlebitis = Inflammation of a vein
  • Thrombus = Organized clot

What is the VenaSeal Sapheon Closure System?

The VenaSeal System is a minimally invasive treatment that uses a safe-for-the-body medical glue to quickly and effectively treat varicose veins.

How does the VenaSeal System work?

Using ultrasound, a doctor will guide a tiny catheter through a small access site in the skin and into the diseased area of the vein. Next, the VenaSeal dispenser delivers a small amount of medical glue to close the vein. Once the affected vein is closed, blood is immediately re-routed through other healthy veins in the leg.

Is the medical glue safe?

Yes. The medical glue is a patented formulation that is specifically designed for the treatment of varicose veins. This formulation is based on an adhesive that has been used safely in medicine for over 50 years.

How is VenaSeal different from other varicose vein treatments?

VenaSeal is the only treatment to use a medical glue to close the vein, which eliminates the need for multiple needle sticks of anaesthesia and pre-procedure drugs. Unlike other varicose vein treatments, there is virtually no down-time and little to no discomfort.

Is the VenaSeal procedure painful?

Most patients say they feel very mild to no pain, both during and after the VenaSeal procedure.

Does VenaSeal require anesthesia?

No. The VenaSeal procedure requires no anesthesia to be injected into the leg; only a small amount of numbing medicine at the access site is used.

Is there any scarring, bruising, or swelling after the procedure?

Patients have reported minimal to no scarring, bruising, or swelling following the VenaSeal procedure.

What kind of results can I expect?

Results depend on the degree and extent of your varicose veins. However, patients have reported immediate relief from their uncomfortable symptoms and improvement in the appearance of their legs following the procedure.

What risks, if any, are associated with the procedure?

As with any medical treatment there are potential risks and complications that exist with the VenaSeal procedure. Your doctor will be able to review potential complications of the procedure during your first visit.

What can I expect afterwards?

After the procedure, a small bandage will be placed over the access site and you should be able to return to your normal activities.

What about "vein stripping surgery" if sclerotherapy is not viable?

* MUST READ: in-depth Canadian research concludes that vein stripping is not favoured by most patients for several reasons:

For more information on venous disease:

Credentials & Qualifications: Phlebology is the area of medicine relating to vein health and treatment, and Dr. Janna Bentley is the President of the Canadian Society of Phlebology. So your vein assessment and treatment is delivered and/or overseen by one of Canada's top vein physicians and her team of well-trained, specialized vein nurses.

For a safe and private assessment of your varicose veins, consult an expert medical doctor at Lakeshore Vein & Aesthetics Clinic.

An individual consultation defines a patient's most effective treatment. Expected results are discussed and realistic treatment outcomes are established. Cost and treatment quantity is determined during your personal consultation. Customized packages are created for each patient to meet your needs based on areas/amount/severity of varicose veins. We provide an expert recommendation – and you choose the right treatment plan for you.

Actual price is based on a consultation – every patient is unique. That said, typical price ranges (and typical number of treatments) are as follows:

  • Consult is covered with a physician's referral; or if no doctor's referral, then $75*.
  • VenaSeal: All pricing based on personal consult, but typically is $4,475 for one leg, $6,975* for both legs. Includes ultrasound assessment, loaner stocking, follow up appointment & 3 sclerotherapy touchups per leg.

Medical compression stockings are a typically required investment, ranging from $60 for one leg to $160* for a pair, which are offered in our clinic in a variety of sizes and colours based on a custom fitting. 

*Taxes not included.

You are unique – and so is your treatment – come in for an expert consultation to reduce or eliminate your varicose veins!

*Results may vary – specific results cannot be guaranteed – everybody is unique.

Venixxa helps relieve and reduce signs and symptoms associated with chronic venous disease. It is a new oral treatment option that helps to relieve signs and symptoms of mild-to-moderate chronic venous disease, such as varicose and spider veins, pain in the legs, sensation of heaviness, sensation of swelling, and functional discomfort. It also helps to reduce lower-leg edema associated with mild-to-moderate chronic venous disease.

Venixxa available in Canada to help with varicose veins   

Venixxa™ is a micronized purified flavonoid fraction (MPFF). It is composed of citrus bioflavonoids, containing 90% diosmin and 10% other flavonoids expressed as hesperidin.


How long has Venixxa™ been available?
It was introduced in Canada just recently, but the product has been available in many countries around the world for more than 20 years under the names Daflon 500 and Detralex.

Does Venixxa™ contain lactose?
None of the ingredients in the formulation are made from lactose.

Do I need a prescription for Venixxa™?
No. Venixxa™ is available over the counter at the pharmacy. If you cannot find it, your pharmacist can order it for you.

Where can I find Venixxa™?
You can find Venixxa™ in pharmacies across Canada, and right next-door to the clinic at Shoppers Drug Mart.

What if I forget to take a tablet?
If you forget to take a tablet, just take it as soon as you remember. Do not take a double dose to make up for the forgotten tablet.

Does Venixxa™ have any side effects?
Venixxa™ is well tolerated. Possible side effects include hypersensitivity/allergy, gastrointestinal discomfort, dizziness, headaches, malaise, and skin reactions.

Are there any known drug interactions with Venixxa™?
No specific drug interaction studies have been conducted with Venixxa™. There have been no known drug interactions with Venixxa™ since its initial launch in international markets over 20 years ago.

Is it safe to use Venixxa™ on a long-term basis?
It is recommended that you consult your physician for use beyond 2 months.

How often do I take Venixxa™?
Simply take 1 tablet of Venixxa™ twice daily, midday and evening with meals, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

Can everyone take Venixxa™?
Do not use Venixxa™ if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Advise us if you are taking any prescription medications or if you suffer or experience inflammation of the skin, thrombophlebitis or subcutaneous induration, severe pain, ulcers, sudden swelling of one or both legs, cardiac or renal insufficiency or disorder. Consult us if symptoms persist or worsen.

I have varicose veins. Will Venixxa™ work for me?
Venixxa™ can be taken when varicose veins are present. Varicose veins are a sign of chronic venous disease. Consult Dr. Janna Bentley and the team of expert vein nurses to discuss further measures and treatment methods if necessary.

I wear compression socks (stockings with elastic support). Can I take Venixxa™?
Venixxa™ can be taken while using support stockings.

You are unique – and so is your treatment – come in for an expert consultation to reduce or eliminate your varicose veins!

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NOTE for vein treatment & Covid Vaccinations: please allow one (1) week prior to covid vaccination and/or one (1) week after for all vein treatments, as per the Health Guidelines. 

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