Best You Satisfaction Guarantee

You will receive natural-looking, beautiful results that meet or exceed your expectations – or your investment back. This is our promise to you.

The Best You Satisfaction Guarantee

We are confident that our treatments are effective and that our team members are dedicated professionals with the credentials and experience in providing cosmetic medical excellence.

However, unless you’ve previously worked with our team, you may hesitate as you face the dilemma of wondering if you will be satisfied… and you’ll never know the outcome if you don’t try the treatment.

We address this possible reluctance with the Satisfaction Guarantee, so you don’t have to be concerned whether your investment in yourself will be worthwhile. Your satisfaction is guaranteed to help you become the best version of yourself  – this is our goal and passion.


What we ask from you:

  • You must attend all treatment(s) agreed on in your personalized treatment plan, and have full treatment charting (informed consent, before & after photos, etc.)
  • You must reasonably follow the recommended pre- and post-treatment care.
  • You must attend your follow-up consultation(s).

What you get from us:

  • Our commitment to your success and best possible cosmetic outcomes.
  • Our promise to retreat you. If still not satisfied (after a healing period of four months, as some people occasionally need longer to respond to treatment), then we will return your investment in full.

You deserve to be the best version of yourself, which is why we are happy to help you take the next step forward with confidence.


  • This Guarantee applies to cosmetic treatments, with all conditions met, from April 2023 onward.
  • This does not apply to MSP medical and/or varicose vein treatments such as sclerotherapy, EVLT or VenaSeal. This does not apply to skin care products.
  • Some constraints apply to specific treatment results. Example: if there is sunburn after laser skin treatment; if there is weight gain of more than 3 lbs. post-CoolSculpting treatment, etc, these exempt the Guarantee. These are covered in the treatment consultation.

Your trusted, experienced and Kelowna born and raised, Dr. Janna Bentley

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