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Serious hydration for Okanagan skin

Juvéderm™ SKINVIVE™ is an injectable treatment from the makers of Botox Cosmetic. It's the first of its kind to combine tone, texture and fine-wrinkle therapy in a long-lasting injectable treatment.

SKINVIVE (formerly called Volite) uses Vycross technology and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) gel designed to improve our skin’s smoothness (absence of fine lines), hydration and elasticity for up to nine months with just one treatment. 

It is absolutely unique: almost all skin care products don’t get through our skin. It’s an incredible protective barrier – so even great quality skin care like Vivier or SkinMedica have limits.

We are all amazing creations – a beautiful and complex design. Over time, however, our bodies change – and most notably, our face.

In addition, there is our climate: living in the dry Okanagan (winter or summer), people often are challenged to keep their skin hydrated  – more so if you’re getting extra sun and wind skiing at Big White. The main option used to be apply more moisturizer. Some patients now say “I used to apply moisturizer halfway through the day again, but since having SKINVIVE I don’t need to.”

How it works

Hyaluronic acid, the molecule that can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water, occurs naturally in our body but levels starts to deplete when we hit aged 26. Given that hydrated skin means plumper skin, losses in hyaluronic acid contribute to visible ageing – which is where treatments come in. By strategically placing small amounts of SKINVIVE in a pattern, it restores the skin's original glow of health.

What to expect

After a topical anaesthetic is be applied, an expert injector uses a very fine needle to injected SKINVIVE within the dermis, and most patients barely notice any discomfort. It is a 15 to 20 minute treatment (depending on areas treated). SKINVIVE is designed for use on the face and neck. After treatment, there is typically some redness that goes away within 30 to 90 minutes. Results start to appear immediately, and come fully into effect over the next 10 days.  It is considered it a very safe treatment, but talk to a expert nurse or doctor for details. Expect to pay around $750 for one facial area with SKINVIVE treatment by a certified nurse or doctor, though it varies patient to patient, clinic to clinic.


Consider SKINVIVE primarily as an effective one treatment per six to twelve months – a “freshen up” for dry and tired-looking skin – and definitely a better investment than any hydrating facial, which might feel relaxing but doesn’t have such long-lasting benefits.

Little Downtime & Minimal Risk

SKINVIVE is not a magic bullet, of course. However, this is considered very safe with little risk, as the needles are tiny and the injection depth is very shallow.

Additionally, to reverse serious ageing effects we typically use a combination of Botox and Juvederm HA dermal fillers for a foundation, and we recommend SKINVIVE as a complement to any good anti-aging regime.

We are pleased with the healthy and natural looking results in patients with SKINVIVE treatment. Patients feel their complexion has more of a glow... Maybe it’s your time to SKINVIVE!

Enjoy a free consult to discuss your needs: call or text 250 860 9919 to book. (Alternatively, ask us for more information.)

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An individual consultation defines a patient's most effective treatment. Expected results are discussed and realistic treatment outcomes are established. Cost and treatment quantity is determined during your personal consultation. We provide an expert recommendation – and you choose the right treatment plan for you.

Actual price is based on a consultation – every patient is unique. That said, typical price ranges (and typical number of treatments) are as follows:

  • Face Light hydration (for young faces, and/or hydration maintenance): one syringe: $695.
  • Face Normal hydration, two syringes: $1,375.
  • Face Full hydration, three syringes: $1,950.

Taxes not included.

You are unique – and so is your treatment – come in for an expert consultation!

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