The Amazing Juvéderm™ SkinVive Injectable Treatment Article Dr. Janna Bentley, Medical Director, Lakeshore Vein & Aesthetics Clinic We are all amazing creations, and as a medical doctor I am still fascinated at the beautiful and complex design of the human body. Over time, however, our bodies change – and most notably, our face. For some, ageing brings […]

“I felt like a rockstar after my treatments, it was just so cool.”  As a mature model and a woman of 56, Rhonda decided it was time to give herself the gift of revitalization with the help of Dr. Janna Bentley.  “It’s nothing you can purchase in a makeup bottle, it’s true beauty from within […]

Studies have shown that EVLT is much preferred over surgical stripping for numerous reasons (see research details in link immediately below). Some studies also show an increased effectiveness for endovenous laser treatment (EVLT being 98% effective vs surgical vein stripping is only 85%).  * MUST READ: in-depth Canadian research concludes Endovascular Laser Therapy (EVLT / […]

What are spider veins & varicose veins? These are dilated blood vessels under the skin that may cause a variety of symptoms including dull ache, itchiness, warmth, swelling, restless legs and night cramps. They can also be the cause of dry, scaly skin on the lower legs as well as leg ulcers. We call the […]

Dr. Janna Bentley and Cayce De Simone from KelownaNow tackle Botox® Cosmetic in this episode of Be the Best Version of You. There’s a lot of misconceptions about Botox® as it’s often confused with filler or overdone, puffy lips. The pair reveal the truth about using Botox® Cosmetic and set the record straight on the myths surrounding its use. There are […]

Dr. Janna Bentley is back with Cayce De Simone from KelownaNow for another episode of Be The Best Version of You. Today’s topic is laser hair removal and the things you should know before jumping into treatment. Every woman remembers a time when someone suggested going for a swim in the pool but she had to ‘prepare herself’ […]

Dr. Janna Bentley and Cayce De Simone from KelownaNow got together for the second episode of Be the Best Version of You. The topic of conversation is CoolSculpting, a modern, non-surgical procedure that permanently eliminates the stubborn areas on your body that just won’t go away no matter what you do. CoolSculpting targets loose, fatty areas […]

See Video Article here… In the inaugural episode of Be the Best Version of You, host Nikki Csek talks with Dr. Janna Bentley of Lakeshore Vein & Aesthetics Clinic about Soft Lift, a non-surgical treatment to reduce the effects of aging…

Men and women can rejuvenate their skin with a fractionated CO2 laser treatment  By Dr. Janna Bentley, medical doctor and founder of Lakeshore Vein & Aesthetics Clinic I was born and raised in Kelowna, spending hours every day for the entire summer swimming in our beautiful Lake Okanagan. Inevitably, with time passing and loving the outdoors, […]

Author: Dr. Janna Bentley is a cosmetic medical doctor and owner/founder of Lakeshore Vein & Aesthetics Clinic Here’s the skinny on body shaping. The demand for non-invasive treatments to reduce fat and cellulite has increased dramatically in the past few years. And so has the hype, which is why Google bans advertisers with claims that […]

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