Harveer Pooni, RN | Lakeshore Vein & Aesthetics Clinic

Harveer Pooni, RN

Harveer Pooni, RN, is one of the clinic's vein nurses with special phlebology training, adept at working alongside Dr. Bentley. She is excellent at treating varicose veins using advanced sclerotherapy injection techniques.

Harveer is another Okanagan local, Kelowna born and raised. She graduated from UBCO and then worked at Kelowna General Hospital. Harveer also completed her MN through the University of Toronto and worked in Public Health before joining the clinic in early 2021.

Harveer has a passion for delivering high quality patient care and has fine attention to detail. Along with these attributes she also brings a warm presence to both her patients and colleagues. In her spare time, Harveer enjoys going on hikes with her dog and playing soccer.