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The effective standard injectable varicose vein treatment

Sclerotherapy (aka sclero for short) is often the first line of treatment and the most common. Historically, it dates back to the 1600s, and was made popular in European medical communities in the 1960s. Sclero, a Greek word, means hard, which is essentially what happens to a treated vein before it is reabsorbed by the body: it hardens.

Covid Vaccination & vein treatment: please allow one (1) week prior to covid vaccination 
and/or one (1) week after for all vein treatments, as per the Health Guidelines. 


Sclerotherapy involves injecting the diseased vein with a medication called a sclerosing agent, such as Sclerodex (a glucose and saline mix) or Thromboject (Sodium Tetradecyl Sulfate or STS).  The sclerosing agent causes a temporary irritation or inflammation inside the vein. Sclerotherapy treatment does not require an incision, sedation, or general anesthesia. 

foam sclerotherapy vein treatment - Kelowna varicose vein doctor Bentley

Sclero Process Image (on left)

(top) Step 1: ultrasound guided sclerotherapy;

(middle) Step 2:  sclerosing agent injected in vein;

(bottom) Step 3: vein immediately reacts and begins to appear better.


The response of the body is to shut that vein down so that it no longer functions: immediately following sclerotherapy, your body routes blood flow through the surrounding healthy veins.

Treatment will not worsen your circulation. In fact, sclerotherapy actually improves circulation because the ineffective, varicosed veins are no longer used – allowing the healthy, efficient veins to take over. Important to know is that you have thousands of veins in your legs, and injecting the varicosed ones is generally very safe.

What to Expect after Varicose Vein Treatment

A treated vein becomes hard and sore to the touch over the weeks following sclerotherapy. As the body starts using alternative routes for blood flow, you should experience a lessening of aching or tiredness that you felt as a result of varicose vein disease. The vein's cosmetic appearance, however, takes longer to improve. The treated vein will become a thin strand of scar tissue over time. Be patient. Typically, people who receive treatment in the fall will see noticeable results by the following summer.

With a proper vein assessment your doctor will have determined if there are any veins invisible to the naked eye that are causing the appearance of the veins on the surface. The great saphenous vein (GSV) – extending from your groin, down the inside of your leg to your ankle – is often the culprit. Similarly, the short saphenous vein (SSV), which runs from behind your knee down your calf muscle, can cause trouble. If either of these two larger veins has malfunctioning valves, they need to be treated first. If they are not, the more shallow spider and varicose veins that are connected to these two veins will remain under high pressure and be forced open again from the backflow of blood, even with sclerotherapy. Treatment is not effective unless the underlying cause is dealt with first.

If the GSV or the SSV is contributing to the visible spider or varicose veins, they can be treated using sclerotherapy as well. This time, the duplex scanner is needed to guide the injection of the medication. Once these two veins have been dealt with, your doctor can proceed to treat the visible veins.

You are unique – and so is your treatment – come in for an expert consultation to reduce or eliminate your varicose veins!

An individual consultation defines a patient's most effective treatment. Expected results are discussed and realistic treatment outcomes are established. Cost and treatment quantity is determined during your personal consultation. Customized packages are created for each patient to meet your needs based on areas/amount/severity of varicose veins. We provide an expert recommendation – and you choose the right treatment plan for you.

Actual price is based on a consultation – every patient is unique. That said, typical price ranges (and typical number of treatments) are as follows:

  • Consult is covered with a physician's referral; or if no doctor's referral, then $99*.
  • Sclerotherapy for telangiectasia: varies widely; quote based on consult.
  • Sclerotherapy for legs: medical vein treatment is partially covered by BC's Medical Services Plan, up to 6 treatments per 12 months. A consult is required as a prerequisite to a treatment plan. Private pay is required for sclero medication of $75* per treatment (since MSP does not cover this). Elective cosmetic vein treatment is $249* per treatment. Occasionally an extra duplex ultrasound assessment is required, with an additional cost.

Medical compression stockings are a typically required investment, ranging from $60 for one leg to $160* for a pair, which are offered in our clinic in a variety of sizes and colours based on a custom fitting. 

*Taxes not included.

You are unique – and so is your treatment – come in for an expert consultation to reduce or eliminate your varicose veins!

*Results may vary – specific results cannot be guaranteed – everybody is unique.

Venixxa helps relieve and reduce signs and symptoms associated with chronic venous disease. It is a new oral treatment option that helps to relieve signs and symptoms of mild-to-moderate chronic venous disease, such as varicose and spider veins, pain in the legs, sensation of heaviness, sensation of swelling, and functional discomfort. It also helps to reduce lower-leg edema associated with mild-to-moderate chronic venous disease.

Venixxa available in Canada to help with varicose veins   

Venixxa™ is a micronized purified flavonoid fraction (MPFF). It is composed of citrus bioflavonoids, containing 90% diosmin and 10% other flavonoids expressed as hesperidin.


How long has Venixxa™ been available?
It was introduced in Canada just recently, but the product has been available in many countries around the world for more than 20 years under the names Daflon 500 and Detralex.

Does Venixxa™ contain lactose?
None of the ingredients in the formulation are made from lactose.

Do I need a prescription for Venixxa™?
No. Venixxa™ is available over the counter at the pharmacy. If you cannot find it, your pharmacist can order it for you.

Where can I find Venixxa™?
You can find Venixxa™ in pharmacies across Canada, and right next-door to the clinic at Shoppers Drug Mart.

What if I forget to take a tablet?
If you forget to take a tablet, just take it as soon as you remember. Do not take a double dose to make up for the forgotten tablet.

Does Venixxa™ have any side effects?
Venixxa™ is well tolerated. Possible side effects include hypersensitivity/allergy, gastrointestinal discomfort, dizziness, headaches, malaise, and skin reactions.

Are there any known drug interactions with Venixxa™?
No specific drug interaction studies have been conducted with Venixxa™. There have been no known drug interactions with Venixxa™ since its initial launch in international markets over 20 years ago.

Is it safe to use Venixxa™ on a long-term basis?
It is recommended that you consult your physician for use beyond 2 months.

How often do I take Venixxa™?
Simply take 1 tablet of Venixxa™ twice daily, midday and evening with meals, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

Can everyone take Venixxa™?
Do not use Venixxa™ if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Advise us if you are taking any prescription medications or if you suffer or experience inflammation of the skin, thrombophlebitis or subcutaneous induration, severe pain, ulcers, sudden swelling of one or both legs, cardiac or renal insufficiency or disorder. Consult us if symptoms persist or worsen.

I have varicose veins. Will Venixxa™ work for me?
Venixxa™ can be taken when varicose veins are present. Varicose veins are a sign of chronic venous disease. Consult Dr. Janna Bentley and the team of expert vein nurses to discuss further measures and treatment methods if necessary.

I wear compression socks (stockings with elastic support). Can I take Venixxa™?
Venixxa™ can be taken while using support stockings.

You are unique – and so is your treatment – come in for an expert consultation to reduce or eliminate your varicose veins!

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NOTE for vein treatment & Covid Vaccinations: please allow one (1) week prior to covid vaccination and/or one (1) week after for all vein treatments, as per the Health Guidelines. 

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