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Reverse Hair Loss with PRP

September 21, 2018

By Dr. Janna Bentley: this article originally appeared in ICON Magazine, Fall 2018.


An effective treatment for hair loss and balding patches is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – using your own blood! We are very happy with results we see with both men and women. 

PRP is a Health Canada approved collagen stimulating therapy that uses the patient’s own platelets and plasma extracted from a small sample of their blood. It is increasingly gaining acceptance by hair-loss surgeons also.

Causes of Hair Loss

As we age, hair loss is related to hormone changes in both males and females. There is a genetic predisposition to balding in any gender. Your grandfather or dad suffer from male pattern hair loss? You probably will as well.

Treatment Options

The serious solution is hair transplant surgery. Besides down-time and surgical risk, this is a considerable investment. Vancouver expert surgeons, Hasson & Wong, suggest on their website that surgery can be $6,000 to $30,000 (depends on number of grafts).

PRP on the other hand is non-surgical, no down-time and relatively inexpensive, so it is a good option. (But not really an alternative to hair transplant surgery if that is what is needed.)

Rogaine (applied topically), or Propecia (a pill), are effective drugs to slow down thinning hair. These are effective combined with PRP – and in fact, shouldn't be stopped after PRP.

How PRP Hair Stimulation Treatment Works

According to specialists, PRP “…appears to clinically reactivate hair that is not growing, strengthen existing hair and prolong to longevity of thinning hair.” 

Once injected, the platelets naturally activate and release essential growth factors and signaling proteins, which are responsible for the wound-healing process and skin rejuvenation.

Our ideal patient has mild to moderate hair loss, and/or specific balding or thinning patches. Expectations should be to restore two or three years’ worth of recent hair loss.

PRP Treatment Overview

PRP starts with taking a small sample of the patient’s blood with a syringe. Next, the blood sample is spun in a medical centrifuge (about 10 minutes, onsite) to concentrate the platelet rich plasma. Finally, the patient’s own plasma is then injected with a small needle in a pattern in the desired areas of the scalp. PRP takes approximately 25 to 40 minutes to perform. 

Value & Number of Treatments

Patients typically pay $700 to $1000 per treatment, with a treatment regime of three to four treatments recommended on average. For reference, a four treatment package at our clinic is $3,250. Treatments are separated by approximately a month each. As stated, each patient needs a personal consult. 

Results should start to appear after the third treatment, about after month two. After the initial treatment regime, a patient should continue with one treatment every year depending on results.   

Downtime & Risk

PRP should be performed by a doctor or qualified nurse in an accredited medical facility. In this setting, it is quite safe: a very low risk of any complication. PRP itself is not new – it has been used effectively for years in the treatment of burns, orthopaedics, ophthalmology and physiotherapy to accelerate wound healing. What makes PRP enticing for many is that it doesn’t use anything foreign or artificial – there is virtually no risk of an allergic reaction. 

PRP Conclusion: Hair Restoration in Any Gender

When PRP is concentrated with larger volumes it can be effective stimulating hair growth since it stimulates the development of new hair follicles and improves the health of existing ones. BUT PRP is not a cure for baldness. This therapy is best for patients who are not candidates for a surgery or those wanting a nonsurgical approach to hair loss therapy. It has few (if any) side effects and a very short recovery time.

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Article by Dr. Janna Bentley, Founder and Medical Director

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