Dr. Janna Bentley presents in Vancouver regarding Venixxa | Lakeshore Vein & Aesthetics Clinic

Dr. Janna Bentley presents in Vancouver regarding Venixxa

February 20, 2020

Dr. Janna Bentley will be giving educational talks (Feb 26 and May 2) about Venixxa, a medication for varicose veins (specifically for reducing inflammation associated with venous disease). 
The audience is a mix of healthcare practitioners: RSVPs are mostly physicians, with some pharmacists and nurses also.

Dr. Bentley will be discussing chronic venous disease as a disease, as many think of “varicose veins” and think of it as merely a cosmetic issue –  however all those suffering from leg pain or skin ulcers know otherwise. As an expert phlebologist and President-Elect of the CSP, she will cover the direct link between varicose veins and ulcers (some think it is two separate diseases and where ulcers are very concerning, while varicose veins or the other signs, are not); vein treatment from small issues to large treatment using EVLT/ELVES and VenaSeal.

Dr. Bentley recommends Venixxa regularly at her busy vein practice, and will share her experience with the product, including dosage etc. and offer practical tips for dealing with patients suffering from venous disease.

The moderator for the talk is Dr. Rhonda Low, the charismatic physician and TV personality. The talk is sponsored by Servier, the creator of Venixxa.